How To Decorate With Coloured Tiles

Updating areas of your home is an exciting time, particularly when it comes to important areas like kitchens and bathrooms. And when it comes to selecting finishes there is a huge range of different styles to choose from, especially when picking tiles.  Along with traditional neutrals and monochrome options, in recent years patterned and coloured tiles have soared in popularity, and it is not hard to see why when you browse the array of beautiful designs available. While the number of options available, it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming to decide on the tiling options you want to go with. However, with a little inspiration and the right planning, it will certainly be worth the effort once your project is finished and you are able to enjoy your stunning kitchen and bathroom colours for many years to come.

Colour is a great way to add personality to a home, so let's take a look through some of the most popular options when it comes to decorating with coloured tiles.

Types Of Coloured Tiles For Kitchens & Bathrooms

In recent years, many homeowners have opted for on-trend colours such as green, pink, and blue tiles, which are all available in a range of tile shapes, finishes and textures. Before we look at some colour options in more detail, let’s consider some of the most popular types of tiles currently on the market.

Coloured Mosaic Tiles

Coloured mosaic tiles are a great way to add character to your home, and the huge range of potential colours, sizes, shapes, and finishes ensure that their timeless style will always be a popular choice for homeowners that are looking to add a striking feature. Mosaic tiling is also a highly versatile option, look great when used as an accent, or en-masse for a more dramatic effect.

Coloured Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a versatile choice and with so many colours available, they are suited to a range of areas of the home. Easy to work with and representing great value, ceramic tiles look great when used on their own, or equally when combined with other types of tile for a multi-textured look.

Coloured Glass Tiles

Glass tiles offer a unique look thanks to their translucent properties and glossy finish. Particularly when used for feature walls or as accent elements, they help to reflect the light in different ways throughout the day for a unique jewel-like look in the home. Available in a superb choice of colours, for those looking to create a stylish and luxurious finish glass mosaic tiles are the perfect way to add a splash of flair, pattern and style to any kitchen or bathroom.

Coloured metal tiles

For a sleek contemporary look, metal mosaic tiles make a great choice. As well as the colour options you may expect such as silvers, golds and coppers, metal mosaic tiles are available in finishes including pinks and blues. Metal mosaic tiles look stunning when used as borders, adding a pop to walls tiled in neutrals and whites. Mixed material mosaics that combine metal with glass and marble also look superb and offer a real touch of high end luxury to bathrooms and kitchens.

Choosing The Perfect Coloured Tiles

If you plan on installing coloured tiles, the first thing you need to decide on is your colour scheme as this will help to narrow down your choices. If you are bored of picking varying neutral shades, we recommend using a colour wheel, which is a great tool that can be used to visualise how well colours will work together.

Simply pick a colour which you like and the colour on the opposite side of the wheel will be complementary, the colours to either side of your chosen colour will give a bold finish or stick to three colours which sit together on the wheel for a carefully balanced finish.

Blue Tiles

There are a variety of shades to choose from in this on-trend colour option, including everything from bright turquoise and baby blue through to darker navy. So whether you want to achieve a look that’s brooding and sophisticated or as joyful as the sky in summer, blue is a great choice.

Using blue mosaic tiles in a bathroom or wetroom, for example, enables you to subtly reference the presence of water, for a look that’s natural, calming and contemporary. Blue tiling looks beautiful when paired with bright white tones as well as greys for a modern look.

Green Tiles

Green has been making a resurgence in interior design recently, and when it comes to tiling this colour can help deliver some stunning results. From paler sage tones to rich emeralds, green mosaic tiles offer plenty of options whether you want to achieve a classic look or something more contemporary.

Green works well in a bathroom, and looks great paired with creams, whites or pale greys for an elegant and sophisticated look. Green tiling is also a popular choice for kitchens, working well with greys, whites and wooden surfaces.

Orange Tiles

If you’re looking for something bold and vibrant, then orange might just be the colour for you. While tiling every wall in a room in bright orange shade might have you reaching for your sunglasses, using this colour on a feature wall or as an accent trim can be a great way to make the room pop.

Orange tiles look fantastic paired with greys, whites or even blues, and can be used to great effect in areas such as inside a shower, or as a splashback behind a kitchen hob.

Brown Tiles

A versatile and elegant choice, brown is usually considered a neutral colour. However, the huge range of brown tiling options available make it a consistently popular choice for all areas of the home.

Whether you want rich chocolate tones, or prefer to keep things lighter with paler shades, brown mosaic tiles include options in glass, stone and marble which can be used to create a huge range of finishes. Brown also looks fantastic paired with creams, gold and white for a look that will never go out of style.

Pink Tiles

A popular childhood favourite colour, pink, is another interior design choice that’s been making a comeback in recent years. Paired with black, white and gold trims, pink mosaic tiles can effortlessly create a sophisticated yet elegant space – the possibilities of colourways are endless!

From vibrant candy pinks through to more subtle dusky variations, pink can be used in a number of ways depending on the look you want to achieve. It’s easy to achieve a bathroom or kitchen with an atmosphere of fun using pink, but equally this colour can also be used to create relaxing and calming spaces.

Purple Tiles

From pale lavenders to rich, deep tones, there are some fantastic options when it comes to purple tiling. Often associated with royalty, purple provides a sense of luxury and occasion that’s hard to match, especially when combined with luxury jewel like materials such as glass.

Whether you’re a purple obsessive, or are simply looking for a chic colour choice that’s a bit different to the norm, this colour will enable you to achieve a striking and confident finish to any interior design project.

White Tiles

White is consistently one of the most popular choices when it comes to tiling, especially when decorating bathrooms and kitchens.

Great on its own for a clean and minimalist look, using white tiles for a bathroom in combination with another colour is a great direction to take. White allows other colours used for accents, trims and feature walls to really stand out, and of course it goes with absolutely anything.

Tips For Working With Coloured Tiles

As well as choosing your colour scheme, there are a number of important considerations for anyone planning on installing tiles in their home. The right preparation and plans can make a huge impact, and be the difference between a space that simply looks good and a space that looks superb.

Tile Finish & Colours

If you're looking to add a statement finish to your home, bold coloured and patterned tiles are a great solution. These work well when concentrated in a single area of the home, such as within a fireplace, as a kitchen backsplash, inside a shower or to tile a small room.

If you opt for an interesting finish to your tiling, think about creating balance by pairing them with a plain coloured tile in a complementary colour. By considering the choice of design and finishing, and how it matches with your colour scheme, you can easily create a great finish in your kitchen or bathroom.

Considering tile layouts

Whether you are opting for stylish brick mosaic tiles, regular square or rectangular tiles, or something more unique such as hexagonal tiles for the bathroom, experimenting with tile layouts is often a great idea. For example, using a brick pattern in a vertical layout rather than the traditional horizontal format can help to create a look that’s modern and eye-catching.

Herringbone, modular and basket weave patterns are other options that can be used to great effect. You may also want to think about the use of different colours within your layout, such as combining grey and cream with a bold colour such as dark blue or green, which look beautiful when laid in an interesting pattern.

The pattern and layout of your tiles is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to the finished result, so it’s worth carefully considering your options before making your choice.

Textures and Materials

In addition to experimenting with colour, carefully choosing tiles with tactile finishes can be a great way to add an interesting finish. When paired with smooth tiles in either complementary or contrasting colours, although the textures and materials will only be slightly different, the result will be a unique and interesting finish.

Through your choice of tiling, you’re able to introduce texture to your home in a way that can be as bold or as subtle as you wish, adding an extra layer of interest for a premium finish.

Grout Colour Options

The grout lines on your tiles add the final finish to the surface, and while white is a stunning grout colour against many coloured tiles, there are darker colours available which will create a beautiful contrast against lighter coloured tiles.

By choosing a grout colour that works well with your tiling colour scheme, you can easily achieve a bold kitchen or bathroom that will stay on-trend for many years to come.

a stunning range of coloured tiles

At Mosaic Village we aim to offer the highest quality and most unique tiles, so that you can create a stunning finish in your home, whether you’re renovating your kitchen, updating a bathroom or anything else.

This means that our range is always evolving to offer our customers the best tile ranges, and with expansive mosaic, marble, stone, and ceramic tiles to choose from we are sure that you will find the perfect-coloured tiles within our range.

We also offer a fantastic range of swimming pool mosaic tiles in a great choice of colours. Perfect for both commercial and residential use, they enable any spa or leisure space to be finished safely and to an exceptionally high standard.

If you would like to discuss your plans in more detail, our team is always more than happy to share their knowledge and help you achieve exceptional results. So contact us today and together we can plan the perfect finish for your tiling project.

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