Blue Mosaic Tiles

Blue Coloured Mosaic Bathroom & Kitchen Tile Sheets

Whether you are incorporating a “Sea World” look into your bathroom or you are simply looking for a calm kitchen environment, opt for blue mosaic tiles. Using moody blue tones will ensure that your room is calm and collected, allowing your own mood to replicate that itself. To ensure your blue bathroom or kitchen mosaic tiles really stand out, why not introduce a variety of white mosaic tiles for contrasting tones. If you are looking for more inspiration, why not take a look at our blue kitchen and bathroom tile trends and really make a bold statement in your home.

From cerulean blue to cornflower and ice blue to steel, our kitchen and bathroom blue mosaic tiles include shimmering colours that take you from the sea to the sky. Perfect for both bathrooms and kitchen, blue hues pop against white surfaces, create a luxurious tonal feel against navy cabinets, look sophisticated paired with marble countertops and always feel tranquil and calming. Our collection of blue mosaic tiles offers you a hardwearing and stain-resistant solution in high traffic areas of your home, creates an expensive-looking aesthetic that is both decorative ad practical and will glow and reflect the light for a beautiful finish.

Blue mosaic tiles in the kitchen

Try our metallic Radiance Blue Mosaic Brick tiles in the kitchen for an airy and light feel that looks impressive. Opt for our cornflower mosaic tiles for a cool and contemporary backdrop inspired by the ocean or use our Mosaic Mixed Blues to create a mellow, relaxing space with added lustre as a backdrop to entertaining and baking.

Blue mosaic tiles in the bathroom

Serene and stylish, incorporating blue mosaic tiles into your bathroom design will help you achieve a spa-like ambience, a calming space or a clean pop of colour. Our Atlantis Blue tiles give you a dreamy wood effect in the bathroom that feels natural and soothing whilst our Akbar tiles twinkle when they catch the light for a smokey blue starlit feel.

Our indoor blue mosaic tiles have been crafted to elevate your kitchen or bathroom with elegant cobalt accents, shimmering highlights and modern backdrops all in bright or soft beautiful designs.