Creating Different Patterns With Tiles

Creating Different Patterns
With Your Tiles

There are many ways to style your mosaic tiles, whether your redecorating your kitchen or bathroom we have put together some of the most popular patterns you can achieve using wall tiles.

Small Brick

Small brick tiles are extremely popular for kitchen splashbacks as well as in shower wall features. If you are hoping to achieve a small brick feature, ensure that all brick sizes (excluding end of wall panels) are the same height and width.


To achieve the diamond look, you will need perfectly squared tiles and aline them in a diamond shape. Diamond wall tiles are perfect for kitchens, you can choose a neutral tone and transform the entire kitchen using this pattern.


A lot of people might believe that the herringbone pattern is only for flooring, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Herringbone walls offer the perfect pattern for a feature wall, whether it’s for your kitchen or bathroom.


Linear tiles are often in a straight line, using equal square tiles. This particular pattern offers a timeless, classic design which if used using neutral tones can suit any decor choice over the years.

Basket Weave

The basket weave is definitely a pattern which takes more time and preparation but can achieve such a beautiful statement wall if done correctly.  Simply place 3 of the same length tiles together and then repeat the opposite way round.

Block Herringbone

Block herringbone is an ideal pattern for any kitchen or bathroom tiles. This beautiful design is easy to achieve by using the same size tiles throughout, simply style the tiles in an R shape and repeat.


The hexagon pattern allows you to create a wall feature that truly stands out from the rest. Hexagon patterns look similar to a beehive pattern so with this feature wall you could go all out with your colour scheme.


The modular wall pattern will require you to use a variety of different tile sizes, a large tile, a thin tile and a squared tile. When pieced together correctly and using different coloured tiles and tones, you can create a remarkable feature wall in your kitchen or bathroom.

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