The Ultimate Colour Guide
For Bathroom & Kitchen
Mosaic Tiles

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Be Bold with Black

When it comes to black mosaic tiles, it’s key you take note of your suite first. If you are incorporating black tiles into the bathroom, ideally you should make sure you have a white bathroom suite. The white bath tub will stand out in stark contrast allowing maximum potential.

However, if you’re interested in a black kitchen either white or silver appliances will work, also try adding a bit of gold and silver in the mix. These colours will shimmer against the black background allowing for an elegant décor.

Be Brave with Blue

For a cool, calm and collected bathroom or kitchen, opt for blue mosaic tiles, whether it be dark tones or lighter tones blue will add a feeling of peace and relaxation. Blue mosaic tiles look spectacular with a hint of silver and white, so whether you mix the two tiles together or incorporate a white border this will definitely create a centrepiece for any room. When it comes to kitchen appliances and soft furnishings, silver and red has never been more popular – even polka dot is extremely in season right now. Alternatively, for bathrooms keep it calm and neutral, use white towels throughout as well as framed images and mirrors.

Be Bronze with Brown & Gold

Brown and gold mosaic tiles can be an extremely popular colour palette if you are trying to achieve that “hotel look”. Introducing dark cream towels and accessories throughout your bathroom will allow you to achieve both a glamorous and luxurious colour scheme. Alternatively, implementing a brown colour scheme in the kitchen is most popularly incorporated when achieving that country look. Checks and tartan accessories are also a must with a brown and gold kitchen, be sure to add small and unique colours throughout.

Be Creative with Cream

Introducing cream mosaic tiles is the ideal option if you are constantly changing your bathroom and kitchen colour scheme. Regarding the bathroom you can have cream throughout with a hint of classic checks. This country theme can be surprisingly both retro and modern. Accessories can be left up to you as cream matches most colours. An ideal cream bathroom would be dark cream and brown tones and an ideal cream kitchen would include dark work tops with tartan or checked accessories throughout.

Be Fresh with Green

Push the boundaries with green, this particular colour can only be overpowering if you use the same tones throughout. Green mosaic tiles are extremely popular when incorporated with white mosaic tiles. In either kitchens or bathrooms allow both dark and light green tiles giving it a modern colour scheme throughout. For kitchens introduce some mint green tones, white tones and wood features throughout. For bathrooms a popular choice this season is black, be it a photo frame, a mirror or a simplistic black border.

Be Smoky with Grey

Grey mosaic tiles are a particularly popular colour for achieving that expensive penthouse suite. Use dark and light tones for that effortless, elegant and smoky interior. Ideally, with a grey bathroom you might want to include black towels, implementing vibrant colours with a grey colour scheme can be off putting. Having black or white accessories throughout will ensure you keep that smoky look and have everyone believing they are in a royal penthouse suite.

Be Vibrant with Orange

When adding bright colours such as orange its best to keep a white interior throughout. An all-white background is the ideal canvas, this way you can introduce orange mosaic tiles where ever you see fit. Use orange tones in unexpected places, such as on the shower screen or above the sink and toilet. Similarly, above the oven and sink in the kitchen. Be careful not to over power this colour, keep it simple and minimal. For a bathroom suite add in darker tones throughout, browns and wood effects are perfect for toning down the colour. The same applies to kitchens, however a popular choice this season is a dark grey.

Be Flush with Pink

Introducing pink mosaic tiles can work in a variety of ways, it can be calm and neutral or bold and vibrant. To use pink in a subtle way, introduce soft fushia tones. This way you can alternate between bright and soft using your soft furnishings. For a soft and neutral colour scheme stick to white or silver, for a dark and warming pink colour scheme opt for darker tones of pink such as dark pink hand towels. For a blushing pink kitchen you can add tones of baby blue or stick to a simple pink and silver décor. For a dark and soothing pink stick with darker tones throughout, a dark pink bath towel and bath matt will keep it dark but also fresh and inviting.

Be Nostalgic with Purple

If you are looking for something similar to black then opt for a dark purple interior. Purple mosaic tiles can be dark enough to suit that “dark and warmth” feeling in your bathroom, or it can be light and nostalgic in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can incorporate metallic purple borders for any room of your choice. This season is all about dark and lush linens so make sure you have both dark purple bath sheets in the bathroom and dark purple kitchen towels.

Be Passionate with Red

Red is extremely popular throughout any season. Red and white can work really well together but a simple red mosaic tile feature wall is enough when it comes to a red kitchen or bathroom interior. Keeping most walls white will allow you to introduce smaller red features throughout, for example in the kitchen you can have red appliances such as kettles and toasters and in the bathroom the same applies, red hand towels, bath mats and bath sheets.

Be Pure with White

Many people believe that white can be too bright, however white is probably the easiest colour scheme to go for. Choosing white mosaic tiles allows you to redecorate the smaller accessories when ever you want, one month you may go for a blue colour scheme, the next it might be red. However, white doesn’t have to be boring, from a far it may look like a simple white interior, yet close up you can see the beautifully crafted mosaic tiles which is what makes your kitchen and bathroom so special. For a white bathroom and kitchen go with what ever colour scheme you feel like.

Be Joyful with Yellow

When people think of a yellow bathroom or kitchen at first it may put them off. However, if you integrate the right colour schemes then it can look amazing. Yellow can be extremely uplifting and vitalising, mix it with a few grey features and you really have something. Alternatively, yellow mosaic tiles allow you to achieve that retro look, something which has undeniably come back into fashion over the past few years. For a yellow kitchen, introduce browns and whites, and for bathrooms introduce white and grey tones.

If you are unsure as to which colour to go for, we provide a free sample service so you can find the right colour scheme for you.