Why Do People Redecorate Their Homes?

Why Do People Redecorate
Their Homes?

Throughout this study, we wanted to find out whether there are more people completing their own DIY or whether handymen or women are still a vital part of our visionary home designs. Are men still the highest percentage of DIYers? And to what lengths are you willing to redecorate your home without hiring a professional. Take a look at our studies below to find out more:

But why do people redecorate their home?

Time for a style update
Having children
Home renovation
Changing lifestyles
Increasing the value
Discovered Inspiration

Reasons Why People DIY

Sense of purpose and accomplishment
Saving money, rather than hiring an expert/handyman or woman
Allows you to repurpose items, rather than throwing away
Adding to your skill set & learning something new
Keeps you busy if bored, retired or simply have some spare time

Reasons For Doing DIY

Distribution of reasons for doing DIY tasks more often in the next two years in the United Kingdom (UK) in the 4th quarter 2019*

Source: Statista

To What Extent Do People DIY?

But, how much do you trust yourself when it comes to home improvements? Is there really, only so much you can learn from YouTube? With the rise in YouTube tutorials, more and more people are improving their home themselves, but when it comes to more complex areas such as electrical work and plumbing are we taking matters into our own hands or hiring a professional?

What Kind of DIY Are You Willing To Undertake?

Which, if any, of the following DIY work do you do?

Source: Statista

Who Do You Trust With Decorating Your Home?

When it comes to DIY, you can find pretty much any type of handyman or woman on Facebook, Google and a variety of online and offline directories. But when it comes to redecorating your home, do you really trust a stranger to complete the work? What if they don’t quite grasp your vision, what happens if you are overcharged for little work… 

The below graph shows exactly who is doing the DIY in and around your home.

Who Is More Likely To Carry Out The DIY?

Who, if anyone, does the DIY in your home?

Source: Statista

Are Men or Women More Likely To DIY?

Over the years, it was once definite that a man would complete the DIY, but is that really the case now? The answer we wanted to find out was, are women more likely to complete particular tasks over men and vice versa. See our graph below for the findings.

Are Men or Women More Likely To Carry Out Certain Tasks?

Share of DIY tasks individuals undertake in their households in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2019, by gender*

Source: Statista

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