What Is The Most Popular Tile Colour?

Tiles are a popular element within the design of kitchens, bathrooms, and other key areas of our home, and with so many colours available, the design possibilities are endless. Whether you're searching for an on-trend colour, a timeless tone, or a shade that will enhance the feeling of space, let’s take a look at some of the most popular tile colours this year.

What The Data Tells Us

Tile Colours: Interest Over Time (UK)

Tile Colours: Average Interest (UK)

Using data gathered from Google Trends, we’re able to see what the UK population has been searching for over the last 12 months. As the graph below shows, white has been by far the most popular colour when it comes to what people have been looking for online. In second place is grey, which has been a popular choice for interiors over recent years.

1. White Tiles

If you are searching for a fresh, modern, and timeless option within coloured tiles, white is always a great choice for a minimalist look. Not only will white tiles make the room look much bigger, but the tiles will also help to improve the light levels, which is great if you are looking for bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles for a small room. In addition, there are many possible tile shapes available that will add an interesting finish to white tiles including subway tiles, large format tiles and white mosaic tiles.

Undertaking a tiling project is always a big decision, so if you are looking for a colour that will definitely stand the test of time, choosing white tiles is always a great option. As interior styles change over the years, the white tiles on your walls or floors will always enhance your colour scheme, accessories, and soft furnishings.

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2. Grey Tiles

If you are looking to maintain a modern feel without compromising on warmth, grey-coloured tiles are a great choice. Grey tiles are available in a variety of shades, with light grey the perfect choice for a bright, minimalist décor style, and for those who prefer searching for a bold, luxurious finish, dark grey tiles are a brilliant option. A great tip is to pair grey tiles with gold fittings, wood accents and lots of plants for a warm, high-end feel.

As grey is such a popular colour there are many tile options available which incorporate the colour, from stylish mosaics to stone-effect tiles and the very popular wood-effect tile planks. Whatever style you choose, the sleek grey shade will enhance your décor as the colour works perfectly with everything from bright greens and yellows through to monochrome black and white accents.

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3. Black Tiles

The colour black might seem unusual at first, but the rich darkness of black coloured tiles can be beautiful when used with stylish lighting choices. We recommend choosing a gloss finish, as the surface will reflect the light around the room to create a bright yet cosy feel. Black is also a very versatile option, so if you are not brave enough to cover an entire wall, this colour can be paired with everything from white tiles to pink coloured tiles.

In particular, if you are searching for floor tiles, black is a timeless option and you can be sure that your tiles will always match your changing room décor. From classic square tiles through to geometric finishes, black is a timeless choice for your flooring that will serve as the perfect backdrop within your home.

4. Blue Tiles

Blue coloured tiles are such a versatile choice, especially if you are searching for bathroom tiles. From light blue pastel shades through to darker blues, there are many popular blue tiles available that can be incorporated into many décor styles.

If your aim is to create a bright, contemporary space, we recommend choosing light blues or blue/grey coloured tiles. Whereas, for a bold, luxurious feel, darker blue tiles are a great way to add a dramatic finish.

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5. Green Tiles

Green is one of the most popular choices for interiors this year, with rooms of every size ideal for decorating with this versatile shade. And when it comes to tiling, there are some fantastic options available, from dark green subway tiles that are perfect in period homes, to light pale green tiles which work beautifully when used in smaller bathrooms.

Whether you are hoping to create a contemporary style or a vintage feel, green coloured tiles are a choice that should not be overlooked. There are so many shades available including a variety of patterned tiles and mosaic tiles which pair beautiful green hues with shades such as white, grey, blue, and black.

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6. Pink Tiles

In recent years, pink-coloured finishes have soared in popularity, with pale pink being a great option for those who prefer a neutral interior. However, if you are looking to create a bright, bold, and cheerful feel, we recommend opting for a darker shade, and with so many stunning patterns, shapes, and pink mosaic tiles available there is plenty of choice.

Pink-coloured tiles are not solely reserved for adventurous décor options, in fact, pale rose pink is an excellent alternative to traditional creams. The subtle colour is proving to be very popular and thanks to its neutral tones these tiles can be easily used as both bathroom and kitchen tiles.

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7. Beige Tiles

Beige-coloured tiles will always be a stylish choice, and thanks to the versatility of the shades, the tiles can adapt to any room within your home. From hallway tiles and bathroom tiles through to fireplace tiles and backsplash tiles, beige is an elegant, classic colour that will always be in style. The neutral tones can be easily paired with modern chrome accessories or combined with rustic wood for a more relaxed feel.

A great example of beige-coloured tiles can be found within our mosaic range, where the small delicate tiles will add an interesting finish to a tiled wall. Within the collection we have a variety of beige and cream shades, so whether you are looking for a modern, sophisticated feel or traditional charm, our beige collection is sure to prove popular.

8. Brown Tiles

Brown tiles offer a warm and natural look, and work great in combination with other colours such as white, cream and beige. From lighter shades of brown that help to provide a calming atmosphere in a room through to richer darker tones, brown is a versatile choice that if implemented correctly will stand the test of time.

There are some great tiling options available in browns, including wood effect tiles as well as beautiful stone tiles. Brown glass tile might not be an obvious choice, but they look fantastic especially when combined with gold or copper accents.

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9. Yellow Tiles

From bright yellows through to warm golden tones, yellow-coloured tiles are proving to be a popular choice for those looking to add a creative touch to their homes. In particular, bright yellow shades are a great option for bathroom tiles where they can be used on walls to create an instant energising effect, which is sure to prepare you for the day ahead.

If you are looking to create a more relaxed feel, we recommend opting for a darker mustard or golden yellow colour, as the warm colours will help to create an inviting space. These colours are great options for tiles within focal areas, such as a kitchen backsplash or a fireplace surround, where the pop of colour will instantly add an interesting finish to the room.

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