What Are kit-kat tiles?

Kit-kat tiles are thin yet strong tiles perfect for turning your kitchen or bathroom into a place of luxury. Kit-kat tiles are often thin strips which line together when fixed to the wall. These particular tiles also come in various colours within the mosaic tile sheet so you can create a soft yet powerful statement.
Favoured by interior designers and architects alike, Kit-Kat tiles (sometimes known as finger mosaic tiles) are super sleek tiles renowned for turning kitchens, bathrooms or any commercial space into works of art.

Perfect for more intimate spaces such as shower alcoves, these slender tiles certainly help you pack a punch as they can be laid either horizontally or vertically, depending on the look and feel you’re looking to create.
Tap into your creative style by playing around with different colours to create alluring focal pieces or combine a mixture of materials to add depth and texture.

Decorating a room with kit kat tiles couldn’t be easier and it’s a fantastic way to refresh any space. For a contemporary look, why not use a mixture of monochrome tiles to create a sleek and spacious feel?

Alternatively, you can make your room stand out by using these outstanding kit kat tiles to construct a decorative splashback feature.

We have a variety of different kit kat tiles to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a complete revamp of your space or just something to freshen it up, here at Mosaic Village, we’ve got you covered.