The Ultimate Buying Guide

The number of different tile types and styles has expanded dramatically in the last decade or so. Due to the many options, it can be difficult to determine which ones are best for you.
Here is our guide to buying tiles…

Why Use Tiles?

There’s no denying that wall tiles are more expensive per square inch than other wall coverings, like paint or wallpaper.
But the extra cost is worth it when you end up with a waterproof and easy-to-clean surface that’s invaluable in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and more.

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Ceramic is the traditional tile material, having been around for thousands of years.

Glass tiles have existed for nearly as long but were only for the rich until new manufacturing methods emerging in the last century made them more varied and more affordable. In recent years, other manufacturing methods have developed to make metal tiles and a wider variety of shapes and sizes available to home owners.

mosaic tiles

Another interior design trend that’s centuries old, mosaic tiles have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years.
Although people make their own, by breaking up tiles and sticking the broken bits on individually, the introduction of flexible mesh sheets of mosaic tiles is responsible for the recent trend.


quick & easy

All types of mosaic, even metal mosaic tiles, can be supplied on these sheets and applied to walls as quickly as solid tiles.
Grout is then spread over the whole section to fill the gaps between the individual tile pieces, giving a mosaic appearance in a fraction of the time.
Mosaic tiles can be bought in large sheets, sometimes over 300m x 300mm, which is three or four times larger than an ordinary square tile, which enables larger tiles to be put on each sheet.
It’s popular with mosaic brick tiles and glass tiles and allows you to put together a sleek, modern look very quickly.

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Colours & Patterns

The vast array of tile colours and patterns available today can be bewildering.
Start by deciding the colour palette for a room and whether you want plain colours or a geometric or curved pattern. Think about whether you want the same tile throughout, or designs broken up into different sections.

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How much of a room or wall you are going to tile
will affect these decisions too.

For example, you can use moulded tiles around a room at different heights, separating tiled and non-tiled regions, or separate tile designs. But if you are only tiling a small area, like a splashback or the shower end of a bathroom wall, that type of arrangement will be too busy; solid colour would be better.

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Tile Shopping

When shopping for tiles, take examples of other
materials you’ll be using to compare them against tiles in a shop.

This will help eliminate colour clashes.Ultimately, browsing tiles in person  (and online) is a big task that shouldn’t be taken lightly, particularity when looking at bathroom mosaic tiles & kitchen mosaic tiles.

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