The Ultimate Guide to
Mosaic Tiles in the Bathroom

The Greeks and Romans were amongst the first to develop the intricate art of assembling small pieces of coloured stones into the glorious patterns we call mosaics. Going back in history we can find staggeringly complex and compelling works of art using this medium. Nowadays, more and more interior designers are appreciating the many possibilities and beauties of this ancient technique, and particular focus is given to the walls and floors of bathrooms. These functional spaces can be transformed into elegant home spas with clever and creative mosaic tiling.

Set a Colour Scheme

As with most artistic ventures, it is wise to work with a range of complementary hues in one spectrum. If aiming for a cool blue scheme, for example, which is often associated with bathrooms and their reliance on water, mingle warm and bolder blues with lighter, frosty ones, blending with whites and creams to mimic the way blue is represented in the natural world. Think crests of waves, and puffy clouds. If colours blend together in nature, they inevitably will in your home design. The colours will complement each other and not clash.

Monotone Can be Marvellous

A shimmering wall of one shade can be stunning when splintered into the multi-tiled effect of a mosaic. Metallic or pearlescent tiles are especially suited to this dramatic usage, which can be further enhanced by use of a subtly coloured grout. Such glamorous settings are ideal for setting off bespoke features such as stone or granite basins or dark grained wooden counter-tops.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

Whilst a standard repeating pattern is perfectly acceptable, mosaics lend themselves to random repetitions as well, and a scatter pattern can be most effective. The joy of mosaics is that there are no rules and should you choose to go for a non-uniform overall design, it is as highly likely to succeed as well as a concise and controlled one.

Create a feature

If lots of mosaic seems a little too much for your tastes, a single feature can work brilliantly. A highlighted area, such as a splashback, a shower cubicle, one wall or a border can tie a room together with vibrant tiles. A border around a mirror is always striking. Used as a decorative touch, rather than as a motif, bathroom mosaic tiles can accent and highlight key features.

Mix & Match

One of the joys of mosaics is their infinite variety. A vibrant pattern can be offset by a plain mosaic, picking out one of the significant colours. Likewise, a pattern can be interrupted or underlined by a band or a block of solid colour and a pattern can be repeated or incorporated into a solid mass. The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

for All

Mosaic tiles come in every shape, size and finish and are essentially a simple concept. These little building blocks have been around for centuries and been used in countless extraordinary creations. Whether you utilise them in a conventional way for clean and hygienic walls and floors, or more extravagantly, for geometric or dazzling effect, they will always make your bathroom look individual and elegant.

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