Terrific Tile Facts

Tiling a floor or wall may not be the most exciting of jobs but I think everyone agrees when it is done well the results are amazing. You may be staring at some tiles right now and thinking of ways to make this task a little more thrilling, well we may have the answer.

Here are 12 fun & fascinating facts about tiling, that could peak your interest and make tiling fun again.

Popular tiling materials like marble, granite, limestone, slate & quartzite are all natural products made by mother nature.

Ceramic material is the most stain resistant building product in the world.

Ceramic tiles actually add value to your home & can act as a great hot plate.

Chinese glaze tiles were produced during the Shang-Yin Dynasty from 1523-1028 BC.

Porcelain tile is the most suitable material for exterior floors & walls in freezing climates.

If you want to ensure a non-slip surface then Slate is what you need. Slate tiles are easy to get a hold of and can be used anywhere, on roofs, in showers, around swimming pools and on walls.

Granite is an incredibly tough igneous rock made up of quartz & mica – it is as hard as diamonds.

Mosaic tiles are great for decoration. You can create incredibly simple designs like a black & white checkerboard look or something all the more complex, such as an artistic image with shading and colouring.

Just like fashion, tiling styles actually change every few months. So if you’re decorating a bathroom (with bathroom mosaic tiles) or kitchen (with kitchen mosaic tiles) over a few months make sure you buy all the tiles you’ll need, as they may not be available in a couple of months.

Mosaic tiles date back to the dawn of civilisation, where architects used small coloured objects to decorate temples in the fourth millennium B.C.

As well as looking great, mosaic tiled floors also have a practical use – they are often used in hot countries to help cool the interior temperatures of a house.

The word ‘ceramics’ originates from the Greek phrase ‘Keramos’ which translates to ‘pottery’, ‘potter’s clay’ or ‘a potter’.

So just remember next time your tiling a new bathroom or renovating the kitchen, mosaic tiles, mosaic brick tiles, ceramic tiles, granite tiles & porcelain tiles all have something interesting to say for themselves.

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