Decoupling Membrane 30 SQM

  • Waterproofing membrane
  • Absorbs movement in newly laid floors
  • Ideal for problematic substrates

The Tools4Tiles Decoupling Membrane is available exclusively to Mosaic Village. Designed to prevent newly laid tile floors from cracking if the substrate beneath them moves in any way due to natural or environmental causes. Decoupling Membranes or Uncoupling Matting is often used in newly built dwellings as the foundation structure moves slightly as it settles into the ground. Our membrane acts as a decoupling layer to absorb the lateral movements, and so prevent the tiled floor from cracking and breaking up.

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The substrate must be flat, clean, dry, adequately load bearing and free from material which may prevent bond of the adhesive. The tile adhesive must bond to the substrate, and anchor me-chanically to the fabric on the underside of the decoupling membrane. The type of bonding adhesive used to apply the decoupling membrane depends on the type of substrate. For most substrates, a premium modified thin set mortar is recommended (c2 quality). However please consult your adhesive supplier. Apply the tile adhesive to the substrate using a ¼” x ¼” (6 x 6mm) square notched trowel. Estimated coverage is 100-120 sq ft per 50lb (22.7kg) bag of mor-tar.

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