Sample Service

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Buying mosaic tiles can be a tricky process.

With our sample service we try and make things a little easier for you.

Things can appear differently when looking on a screen. It is always best to see things first hand.

We actively encourage you to place an order for samples before purchasing a quantity of mosaic tiles. We want you to be sure that you have made an informed choice.

the process

From our store to your door

when placing a sample order

What to expect


All our product samples are easy to order. Simply look for the blue ‘Sample’ button on the required product page. We can only supply 1 sample per range.

Generally most of our mosaic sheets are 30 x 30cm. You can expect to receive a 10 x 10cm swatch or sometimes a strip, depending on the product.

We offer all our customers FREE postage on up to 5 samples. There will be however a small charge for the sample pieces themselves.

If you find what you are looking for then we will refund any money spent on samples (up to 5) when you place an order. (Excluding additional sample orders)

You can specify whether to send to your home address, or more conveniently to your work address.

If your sample order is placed on a weekday before 12pm we will dispatch the same day via first class post. Typically arriving with you the next day.

We will only send out a mosaic sample if it is in stock. We will be sure to make contact and inform you as to when the item will return.


Any questions? Please get in touch.