How To Tile A Bathroom Floor

Tiling a bathroom floor can seem like an insurmountable task at times, but with our simple how to guide you can achieve the perfect floor of mosaic tiles for your design.

Purchasing Your Tiles

Your first step is to purchase the correct tiles. You should aim to buy a set of glass tiles or mosaic tiles that are durable and efficient value for money. Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer the most classic bathroom finish that most people desire, as they are attractive and long-lasting. For another option you could purchase vinyl tiles. Vinyl tiles are self-adhering, making them incredibly easy to install and require no extra tools. Plastic laminate tiles come in the style of planks, but can generally be more expensive than other materials.

Mortar And Grout

Next, it is essential you purchase some thin-set mortar and grout. This will help lock the tiles and create a solid floor. Put a thin layer of mortar on the floor to set them, and use the grout to make sure they remain connected to each other. Pre-mixed tubs of mortar tend to be more expensive, but make the whole process easier. 

It is important to start in the very corner of the floor and move towards the doorway. Don’t step on any laid tiles before your mortar is dry. Check your tiles by laying a level on top, and make sure each tile is straight.

Finally, mix grout and lay it down between the tiles, by scooping some onto the floor and sliding it over the gaps between tiles. Use a sponge and a bucket of water to wipe diagonally away from the grout lines to clean the tiles and ensure all grout stays between the tiles. 

Take your time, and you will soon have a beautiful bathroom floor full of mosaic tiles.