Making Your Bathroom Appear Bigger With Tiles

One of the most effective ways to make your bathroom look larger is by carefully choosing the tiles and the pattern in which they’re laid.

A bathroom without clutter will always look more spacious. Accessories such as towel rails should be off the floor where possible, and think tall and thin to avoid boxy areas plus mirrors and lighting to reflect light effectively around the room.

The general rules for using bathroom tiles to create an illusion of space are to stick to plain colours, minimise the number of grout lines, and use polished and glass bathroom tiles in clever ways.

You can’t go wrong with white bathroom tiles

White never goes out of fashion when it comes to bathrooms, and because most bathroom fixtures are white, it creates a seamless, unbroken look.

As white is a non-colour, it naturally recedes to draw the eye in and create a feeling of space. White reflects any available natural light to widen the space. Because of the way light is reflected in a room, the ceiling will generally appear darker than the walls – so white up top is the obvious choice.

Go large in a small space

Large tiles generally give the illusion that a bathroom is bigger than it is. Wider tiles will broaden out the room while longer tiles that are laid vertically will lengthen the space. Extending large tiles all the way to the ceiling means there is no distinct dividing line on the walls and gives the impression the room is taller than it is.

Smaller tiles have more lines, which can make the area look busy and cramped. However, you can play with small tile designs to accentuate the bathroom finish in a way that opens up the overall look. Mosaic tiles can add a decorative finish but are often better fitted to an already small area such as an alcove or below the basin. You can also elongate the horizontal and vertical lines of the room, to draw the eye along them, with mosaic bathroom tiles.

Reflect the light

Reflecting light around a room brightens it and reduces shadowing that can make it look cramped. A feature focal point can take up too much room and reduce the space available. However, a mirror as a focal point works as it reflects light and most of us will simply require a mirror in the bathroom anyway.

Other great ways to reflect light around the room include using glass bathroom tiles. Glass tiles for bathrooms are available in all manner of colours, and will lighten a space to make it feel larger.

Adding depth to a small bathroom

Having said all that, you can add an illusion of depth within a bathroom with a careful choice of patterned or darker tiles. Using a patterned design can pull the eye right in and make space look larger. It is often better to use a pattern on just one wall for the smaller bathroom.

A dark or sumptuous colour of bathroom tile can also create a feeling of depth. To pull it off, it would usually require that you go the whole hog and use dark colours on pretty much everything, perhaps with some occasional highlighting from mosaic tiles or mirrored sections plus careful lighting. Go for high gloss bathroom tiles in black for a night sky effect or a rich purple for a feeling of opulence.

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