Fixing mosaic tile sheets to a wall.
Fixing mosaic tile sheets to a wall.

About Mosaic Tiles

Why are mosaic tiles popular?

As you may know mosaics and mosaic tiles have been around for thousands of years, originally taking their form in decorative art. Mosaic patterns and pictures were widespread and advocated by the Greeks and Romans in ancient times. 

In the modern day we have adopted these petit miniature tiles to adorn the surfaces of our homes in celebration of colour and material. Their flexibility knows no bounds and with industry technology advancing at fierce a rate, the possibilities seem endless.

How do mosaic tiles come?

All our mosaic tiles will arrive with you pre fitted to a sheeted mesh. This is a fabric based product that holds the individual mosaic pieces in place in a grid format, usually set with a 2-3mm grout joint.

How to fix mosaic tiles

We have devised a simple 6 point plan on how to fix mosaic tiles. It really is straight forward, and with a bit of confidence you can have it done in no time, and will save you a whole lot of cash. We are focusing on fixing mosaic tiles to your wall, as this is our customers most common application.

What you will need

See below a list of what tools are required to complete your tiling.

Tape Measure
Tape Measure
Spirit Level
Adhesive Spreader
Grout Float

1. Preperation

Your installation surface must be clean

To give yourself the best start we always recommend that you clean and scrape any unwanted materials from your tiling surface. This will ensure the best contact for your mosaic tiles.

Preparing a wall for mosaic tiles
Preparing a wall for mosaic tiles

2. Measuring up

Be accurate with your measurements 

Take the time to measure carefully where your mosaic tiles are to be installed. Use a tape measure and spirit level to do this. A spirit level is also useful to keep your mosaic tiles alsinged as you work. 

Measuring a wall for mosaic tiles
Measuring a wall for mosaic tiles

3. Applying Adhesive

Work at a steady pace

Apply adhesive to your wall with a notched trowel, never working on an area larger than one metre squared. Comb the adhesive with the trowel so that you get a level application. We recommend working with flexible adhesives.

Applying tile adhesive to walls for mosaic tiles
Applying tile adhesive to walls for mosaic tiles

4. fixing your mosaic tiles

Think about your grout joints

Place the backside of your mosaic sheets on to the wall and use a float tool to adhere the mosaic tiles firmly and evenly in to the adhesive. Some mosaic tiles may have a protective film on them, be sure to leave this in place for protection (unless stated otherwise). Cutting maybe required for your mosiac sheets if creating a border. This is done easily with a utility knife.

Leave to dry for 24hrs.

Note: the space between each sheet should be equal to the grout joints in your sheet.

Fixing mosaic tile sheets to a wall.
Fixing mosaic tile sheets to a wall.

5. Applying grout

Make sure grout gets in to every crack

After letting the adhesive set for 24hrs your mosaics are ready to be grouted. If your mosaics have protective tape continue to leave this in place (unless instructions state otherwise). Apply grout to your float with your bucket trowel and then squeegee the grout in to the joints with your grout float. Work in small areas cleaning off the excess as you go.

Floating grout in to mosaic tile joints
Floating grout in to mosaic tile joints

6. Cleaning up

Wipe clean and buff up

Your mosaics should be ready to be cleaned after 30 – 60 minutes after grouting. Use a sponge and clean water and in a circular motion, remove excess grout whilst smoothing joints. Continue to wipe down your mosaics until clean. Note: Cleaning methods vary based upon the type of grout used in the installation. For example, a urethane grout must be cleaned earlier and more frequently than cementitious grout. Please follow the cleaning instructions provided by the grout manufacturer.

Cleaning off grout after installing mosaic tiles
Cleaning off grout after installing mosaic tiles

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