When is The right time

To Grout Mosaic Tiles?

Before proceeding, the surface must be level, dry, sound, clean and free of grease, dust or any other material. There shouldn’t be deflection with surfaces being completely secure.

Grouting Your Mosaic Tiles

When Is The Best Time To Do It?

You should grout mosaic tiles after the adhesive has had time to adhere to the substrate. Whether that is a wall, floor or countertop. As mosaics commonly have smaller grout spaces it’s recommended to use a fine grade grout. We recommend that you leave adhesive and mosaics to set for 24hrs before applying any grout. This ensures there will be no disturbing the mosaics with movement of the sheets when applying the grout.

Which Grout Will Suit My Tiles?

There are many different coloured grouts out on the market which can make your mosaic tiles look different, so you can choose to contrast the colour of your tiles or blend the grout with them.

How Do I Grout My Tiles?

Make sure you have enough grout to cover the surface as it will disappear rather quickly once you spread it over the many grout gaps and lines. Be careful to have the correct amount of water in the mixture as if there is not enough, the grout will go hard very quickly. If the tiles are slightly uneven you will need to use the edges of your float to push the grout deeper and to make sure it fills the gaps evenly.

How Do I Get The Best Results?

It is important to make sure that your equipment and water is always clean to be able to give you the cleanest and best possible results. Once the excess grout has been removed, give the surface another quick clean to remove grout film. When it comes to shiny metal mosaic tiles customers should always follow the enclosed fixing instructions as specialised grouts will be recommended to be used in conjunction with these products, thus avoiding any damage from abrasive and coarse grouts.