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Tile Trends

For an on-trend and yet timeless kitchen or bathroom look, go for grey tiles. Both calming and neutral, grey goes perfectly with almost any design scheme but looks particularly stylish when paired with glossy white or black kitchen units, or all-white bathroom suites. Grey is everywhere in the interiors world right now, replacing white as the warmer, less stark neutral of choice. It’s a brilliant backdrop colour as all shades pop beautifully against it – think ochre towels for the bathroom or volcanic orange cast iron cookware in the kitchen.
With grey tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, you can change up your colour scheme seasonally simply by switching up the textiles or crockery you have out on show.

Add more drama

If all-grey tiling seems a little too bland for you, go for a bolder look by mixing grey mosaic tiles with a few black tiles. You could even combine grey tiles in several different shades. You can also play with the grouting – dark grey grouting looks striking with pale grey tiles, and it will look fresher for a lot longer than traditional white grouting! For a real pop of colour, you could even get creative and work a few pink, orange or even iridescent mosaic tiles into the mix. Just pick a grey tile as your base and work with the ratio of around 9:1 (nine grey tiles for every one coloured) to keep the look sleek.

Go for a mosaic panel

If you have a walk-in shower, consider a 30cm-wide, floor-to-ceiling mosaic panel to break up larger tiles within your shower area. Grey mosaic tiles are perfect for this, especially in a mix of grey shades, and they pair beautifully with runs of larger plain white tiles to give your walk-in shower that luxe hotel feel. You could also mirror this look in a horizontal feature above the bath, just leave a row or two of plain tiles directly above the bath and then install the length of grey mosaic tiles before returning to your standard tiles all the way up to the ceiling. This look would also work with large grey tiles paired with dark grey and silver mosaic panels, or mostly grey mosaic tiles with a few metallic tiles thrown into the mix for a bit of sparkle.

Make a feature of your splashback

Splashbacks are functional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. Consider using grey metal tiles to create a beautifully unique splashback that looks super elegant without breaking the bank. Keen cooks and messy kitchen hands alike will benefit from pairing the metal tiles with grey grouting to avoid food stains. Or, for even easier cleaning, go for glass tiles. Not only do they wipe clean, but their shiny finish looks just the part in modern kitchens.

Choose the right grey for you

Pale grey works beautifully in a primarily white scheme, whereas a mid- to dark-grey looks great in a more colourful setting. But the great thing about grey mosaic tiles is that you really can’t go wrong – grey goes with everything! Plus, you can combine grey tiles in various shades and even different materials and they’ll still look stylish and ensure your kitchen or bathroom stays on-trend for years to come. So have a browse of the website to see which combination you like best and speak to our experts if you need any advice. We’ll be more than happy to help you choose your new bathroom and kitchen mosaic tiles and assist you in finding the combination that you will love for years to come. Contact us today for more inspiration and advice.

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