Eleven Amazing Ways to Give Your Home a
Spring Makeover

As the gloomy days of winter become a memory and spring finally makes an appearance, it’s time to freshen up the home and welcome in the brighter days and sunshine. As windows are opened and the cobwebs of winter are blown away, this is your chance to say goodbye to the colder seasons and turn your home into a light and inviting place to stay.

Don’t worry if your budget doesn’t stretch to re-decorating the walls and changing furnishings to suit the spring season. Just a few simple and affordable changes will be enough to give your home a well-deserved spring makeover and make it look like new!

Nothing says spring as well as flowers, and some carefully placed vases of daffodils and brightly coloured blooms will cheer up a home instantly. For a longer-lasting effect, look for inexpensive spring-blooming bulbs in pretty pots, which will bring cheer to the home year after year, or take a look at imitation flowers that involve no watering or maintenance.

Sharpen up your kitchen shelves by clearing them of clutter and paint the insides with cheerful colours that will instantly brighten up the room. Look for cheap but cheerful tins, tubs and other storage containers to produce a medley of colours that will cheer up a gloomy kitchen and also help to keep shelves tidy.

Moving paintings and pictures around the home can change both the look and feel of your living space. Try clustering pictures together, hanging them at different angles or grouping pictures with a similar theme. Tired-looking photographs get an instant boost with a new frame or try painting wooden frames to give them a new lease of life.

Mirrors can bring a style statement to a dull room, and also make a really effective way to fill a room with light. Experiment with mirrors on different walls to see if reflected light can make a small room look bigger, a trick that is particularly useful in small and dark bathrooms. Also consider using mirror tiles to instantly brighten up a wall.

Rugs can be pricey, but they can transform a boring stretch of carpet. Head to your local carpet shop and ask for leftover cuttings of light and cheerful carpet pieces. These can be an excellent way to transform an area surrounded by sofas, or along a dark hallway floor.

Updating living rooms or bedrooms can be costly, but simple changes can be effective. New cushions and matching throws can instantly transform a tired looking room, and provide colour to neutral areas.

Coloured wall tiles can completely revamp a boring bathroom or out-dated kitchen, creating instant brightness and cheer. If you don’t feel confident enough trying your hand at tiling, look for tile stickers that are simple to add to existing tiles for a quick and effective new look. But before you start tiling, make sure you have a theme in mind, as there are so many different options available, including mosaic tiles, glass tiles, bathroom mosaic tiles, kitchen mosaic tiles & mosaic brick tiles.

Bathrooms tend to be decorated in neutral colours, and this can make them look dull and old- fashioned. Adding coloured or themed bathroom accessories will freshen up the bleakest of bathrooms, and even a new shower curtain in a cheerful colour can be enough to make a bathroom look more inviting.

Dull rooms need more light, so think about changing existing light shades to allow a room to become instantly brighter. Some strategically placed lamps will also bring light to gloomy areas and make a room look bigger and brighter.

Take down heavy curtains and replace them with inexpensive sheer fabrics that will immediately produce a fresh effect to a room. This is also a good chance to get winter curtains washed or dry-cleaned so that they can be stored away until winter.

Giving your windows a good clean both inside and out can make a huge difference to a home. Go one step further and give the window frames a thorough clean to make them look brand new.

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