Do glass mosaic tiles need
to be sealed?

Whether to seal glass tiles or not is an important decision. Glass tiles tend to be non-porous which means water can’t get inside, so there is usually no need to seal them. However, if they have a bevelled or uneven surface they can be susceptible to water damage, so it’s worth sealing these to ensure they stay in tip top condition.

If you are using a mix of different tile materials, remember to seal those that aren’t glass. Sealants can be wiped off glass tiles to ensure you only seal what needs it. This will preserve your design and help prevent staining – making sure your mosaic stays beautiful for longer!

With outdoor mosaics, it's advisable to use two coats of the sealant. Remember, whether you're using glass or stone mosaic tiles or a mixture of both, they should always be laid on dust-free and levelled surfaces.