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To Cut Mosaic Tiles?

The Process Of Cutting Mosaic Tiles

Stone mosaic tiles and glass mosaic tiles can be cut two ways; with a tile saw or scoring and nipping. When the surface has been marked out you will need to fill the remaining area with a sheet which needs to be cut. In cases like this, with size and gap in mind, you will need to have your mesh panel cut or have your markings reshuffled so you don’t have to cut an awkward angle for your tile.

Make sure that when you cut the sheets to the desired size, you have obtained a wooden worktop and have it well covered. Use a Stanley knife and turn over the sheet so it shows the mesh and at a slight angle, cut down the mesh making sure there is none left sticking out of your final piece.

If you are required to cut the stone or glass then it is recommended that you score them on a tile cutter then using nibblers to snap. A diamond stone might be required if you need to knock off any sharp edges.

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