Can You Reuse
Mosaic Tiles?

Once you have taken your mosaic tiles off your kitchen or bathroom walls, you may find that they still look in perfect condition, giving you the idea of reusing them. While it may be a good idea in theory, practically it will be a nightmare for you.

The reason is that because tiles are usually adhered with some sort of mortar or epoxy, this then attaches to the back of the tile, allowing to stick to the wall.

However, this then sticks to the tile and essentially becomes part of it. Thus, when removed from the wall, you are left with a rough, uneven surface which wouldn’t adhere to your new surface easily.

As such, it will be far less stressful for you to find some new mosaic tiles that you love for your surface – it will be far quicker too!

If you are determined to reuse your kitchen mosaic tiles or bathroom mosaic tiles, then you need to try and get the back as flat as possible, and remove as much of the original adhesive material as you can. There is no solvent available to do this, but it could be done with thin tools, such as chisels or crafting putty knives.

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