Can You Glue

mosaic tiles to glass?

Choosing the right glue or adhesive is an incredibly important decision when using mosaic tiles. Given their cost and fragility, you want to ensure that once you have stuck your tiles to their intended backing, they will remain secure.This security is dependent upon the adhesive you use.

It is becoming increasingly common for both professional designers and individuals doing D.I.Y. to want to stick mosaic tiles to glass, although there is commonly some uncertainty about the best way to dot this.

Let’s make it clear: you can glue
glass mosaic tiles to glass, it just takes extra caution when glueing, and the right type of adhesive.

What is the best way of approaching this?

An excellent way of ensuring that your glass mosaic tiles stick to glass is through the use of black grout. Not only is the grouting an easy adhesive to work with, but it offers excellent and long-lasting results. When working with grouting, it is essential to ensure that the adhesive is completely flat before attempting to stick the mosaic tiles on.

However, black grouting does mean you are likely to get a dark outline around the tiles, occasionally being shown through the mesh frame that keeps the mosaic tiles together. If you are looking for a clear adhesive then there are a number of clear and colourless glue products that allow mosaic tiles to be stuck to glass. With these, the adhesive is generally more difficult to work with than grout and is a challenge to remove from the front of your tiles, so ensure that you are working carefully at all times.

Whatever adhesive method you choose, it is important to dry it as quickly as possible when sticking mosaic tiles to glass, so an electric fan directed at the tiles combined with using a dehumidifier in the room are aftercare steps that must not be ignored!

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