Can Bathroom Tiles Be Painted?

Fancy a change, but short on time or money for retiling your bathroom? Don’t worry, you can still achieve a fresh new look without all the disruption and expense of ripping back to bare walls. Bathroom tiles can be painted – giving you a brand new look in no time at all, and without breaking the bank.

Painting Your Bathroom Tiles

Specially formulated paints are available to brighten up floor tiles, wall tiles or any tiled surface in need of a makeover. You can even create a DIY mosaic tiles effect by painting the tiles with different colours to form a pattern of your choosing – whether its a retro check pattern or a modern geometric pattern. Epoxy paints work well on areas that will receive a lot of moisture or wear and tear, such as floor tiles or bathtub surrounds. Latex paints come in a little cheaper and will do fine for walls or other low traffic areas of the bathroom.

Painting Glass Tiles

If you have glass tiles in the bathroom and want to create a new look, there are specialist glass paints available that will give you free creative reign over your space.
You can even buy stained glass paints and stencils, to create a bespoke coloured glass design. These paints will stay firm but can be easily peeled off if you change your mind again!

Before you dive in with a new splash of colour for your bathroom tiles, you should make sure they are primed so that your paint job will last as long as you want it to. Take time to research which kind of primer works best on the type of tile that you have. It’s worth laying a good foundation for the paint to bond to, as it will extend the life of your design.