Brown & Gold Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Trends

Gold and brown mosaic tiles are one of the hottest kitchen and bathroom trends this year. Brown has always been a firm favourite in home decor, but this year sees the return of natural browns and earthy tones that are mixed with rustic and shimmering gold to create a calming bathroom and kitchen space. Choose mosaic tiles in porcelain and glass that are pale brown, coffee coloured and deep dark brown.

Bring Brown & Gold Into Your Kitchen

Brown is such a warm and welcoming colour and can be used in any style of kitchen. Then, when you introduce the colour gold, it is instantly lifted and you get that modern twist with a freshness that you'll just love. When it comes to kitchen walls then you have so much choice!
What shades of brown you choose depends upon the size of your kitchen and how bold or subtle you wish to be. Huge trends in brown and gold mosaic tiles are those that are in the shape of bricks, that help to create a rustic and natural feel to your kitchen wall. Perfect for the rustic farmhouse kitchen or softer industrial look when teamed with stainless steel appliances. Another trend is chequered shaped tiles in deep dark browns. Rose gold mosaic tiles are also a big trend and look great when used as a splashback or above countertops as they shimmer and shine when used with recessed spotlights.

Create A Natural Bathroom Environment

Brown and gold mosaic tiles look so striking when used in the bathroom. Brown is that calming, relaxing and natural colour that makes us think of the earth and nature. Use mosaic tiles to create patterns in pale browns, soft chocolates and creams in a shower cubicle, or place brown glass tiles on a feature wall to open up a small bathroom. 
Brown and gold mosaic tiles look simply stunning when used on the bathroom floor. You can have so much fun creating your own unique pattern or colour combinations. For an added twist use gold grout which is also a lot easier to keep clean.

Not Quite Sure About Brown & Gold?

Banish all thoughts of 70s brown inspired kitchens and bathrooms, and think instead of modern iridescent browns, gold and creams that will help to add light and warmth to your room. Think of creating wall art with mosaic tiles in different shades of brown mixed with black and white. Then add a gold grout for added interest.
Don't want to be so bold? No problem. In the bathroom use brown and gold mosaic tiles to edge a mirror or to create an interesting border around the bath. If you have a walk in shower then you could use pale brown glass tiles to create a shimmering feature wall. In the kitchen, you can also be subtle by using brick mosaic tiles in the palest brown to create that homely feel.

Have fun with brown and gold mosaic tiles and use them to create your ideal bathroom or
kitchen that you'll love.

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