Bathroom Trends for 2015

When it comes to redecorating any room in the house, it is usually a good idea to be aware of
current trends. This will help you when it comes to the choice of soft furnishings,
furniture styles, and colours for walls and floors. When it comes to decorating your bathroom, if 2015
is going to be the year you revamp, redesign, or redecorate, the current trends listed below
are those that you should consider for your design:

Clean and Crisp

A clean, de-cluttered bathroom looks stylish and trendy. Go for minimalistic touches and use
cupboards to keep everything out of sight. Large, expansive showers will ensure you get this trend
right. If you are planning to create a modern space and have little space to work with, replacing the
bathtub with a larger shower is a fantastic idea. Painting the walls a clean warm colour such as
beige or mocha will create a classic bathroom that looks fantastic. Just what’s needed for 2015!

Black and Sleek

Black may not be the first colour that comes to mind when imagining your dream bathroom; however, it
provides a striking contrast against a stark white bathroom suite. Look for 2015’s in-trend black mosaic
for the walls to create a truly stunning room. Couple this with white or grey walls for a modern take
on the Art Deco style and complete the look with a large, stylish mirror.

Sumptuous Spa

One thing that most people will agree on is the fact that commercial spas are a relaxing place to be. A lot
of this is due to the treatments but it can also be attributed to the décor. Spas tend to use a lot of natural
wood together with relaxing colours such as woodland green or calm brown. A free-standing bathtub
with some dark mahogany shelves will allow you to create your own tranquil spa setting at home.
Choose minimal accessories in warm tones and add some relaxing scented candles – perfect for
relaxation and bang on-trend for 2015. You will never want to leave your idyllic paradise.

Funky Yet Unique

With so many fixtures and fittings available for the bathroom, why not create a unique and fun look.
Visiting bathroom stores will allow you to see all the fabulous taps, light fittings, and other trendy extras
that will ensure you create a statement for 2015 and beyond. Go for bold colours and large mirrors and
you will definitely have a room worth talking about.


For something completely different but very much on-trend, use industrial materials to create a funky
. Exposed plumbing with plenty of copper ensures you get this look right. Timber, bricks, and
concrete can also be used to guarantee you have a bathroom that will look the part for years to come. It
might not be everybody’s cup of tea but this is a fantastic look that can be created on a budget.
Moreover, if you use reclaimed materials you will also be doing your bit for the environment.

Gorgeous Grey

Grey is going to be huge for 2015 – especially for the bathroom. It is not just the shade of paint for your
walls that should be grey; you can also incorporate it into flooring by opting for grey mosaic tiles.
Alternatively, a polished concrete floor is also a superb choice. To brighten up your gorgeous grey
bathroom, use soft furnishings in rich plum or luscious limes.

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