Are Mosaic Tiles Heatproof?

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘are mosaic tiles heatproof?’. Regardless of whether you are worried about hot water affecting your bathroom mosaic tiles, or gas flames damaging your kitchen mosaic tiles, the question is a valid one. However, you have no need to worry. All of our mosaic tiles are heatproof, and therefore are perfect to use in areas that get hot.

If you are looking to use mosaic tiles around the back and sides of a wood burner, then we would recommend using porcelain mosaic tiles, as these are extremely heat resistant.

Equally, if your mosaic tiles are going to frequently be exposed to high temperatures, then ensure you use a heat resistant adhesive to stick the tiles to the required surface – a normal adhesive may dry out and become brittle, resulting in the tiles falling off.

However, if your tiles are not going to be directly exposed to open flames, instead just being in a hot environment, then all of our tiles are sufficiently heat resistant, meaning that you can choose your favourite from our range without having to worry.

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