Are Glass Tiles Good For Showers?

Choosing the right tiles for your shower can be a surprisingly difficult task. Are all tiles the same, or are some more suitable than others? Glass tiles are often seen as the modern choice, best suited to stylish contemporary bathrooms. Are they good for showers?

Are Glass Tiles Easy to Maintain?

Glass tiles can be cleaned very easily. All you need is a cloth, and some glass cleaner or window cleaner. In a shower, this makes glass tiles a very sensible option. It’s easy to remove any build-up of soap, shampoo, conditioner or shaving foam. Glass tiles won’t become stained over time, which means that with a quick wipe every day they’ll look as good as new for many years to come.

Are glass tiles stylish?

Glass tiles come in a very wide range of colours, which means that they’re a versatile choice for decoration. You can create a colourful mosaic, or use blacks and greys for a particularly contemporary design. The choices are almost limitless! Glass tiles are translucent, with a wonderful deep colour that shows all the way through, and they reflect the light to make your shower shine.


Are glass tiles safe?

Glass tiles can be a slippery surface. Used on shower walls this isn’t a problem, but it’s important to be cautious if you’re installing a glass tile floor. When it’s wet, glass can be a hazard. This is where mosaic tiles are particularly handy. Creating a floor out of smaller glass tiles and mosaic tiles, then using a non-slip sealant between them, creates a grippy surface that looks wonderful and isn’t a safety risk. Using mosaic tiles on the shower floor and larger tiles on the wall will ensure that your shower is safe as well as stylish.


What About the Cost?

Glass tiles can be a little more expensive than tiles made from other materials, like ceramic tiles that are another popular choice for showers and bathrooms. But, many consider the extra cost to be more than worthwhile for the superior finish and ease of cleaning.