Are Glass and Mosaic Tiles Hard To Keep Clean?

A lot of people ask if glass tiles and mosaic are harder to keep clean than other materials, but, in fact, it is quite the opposite.   One of the best things about decorating your home with these tiles is how easy it makes keeping things clean. A lot of things that would stick to wood, ceramic, or paint, never have the chance to do so, dust and suds slip right off. And if you are cooking or cleaning and something does manage to stick on, it’s as easy as anything to wipe it off again! Food and grime don’t have a shot against holding up to glass tiles or mosaic tiles.   Glass does not stain either, not like wood or wallpaper would. And it holds up to scrubbing in ways that would have paint peeling and flaking in seconds. By covering areas that get dirty often, or which are a pain to clean, with glass or mosaic tiles, you would be making future cleaning sessions quicker and easier.

And best of all, any soap or liquid detergent that you feel comfortable using in the bathroom, or on your windows, can be used to clean the tiles. This makes your shop much simpler, with no need to search for obscure or expensive specialised cleaning solutions, because you can use whatever you clean the shower with. In terms of sourcing materials to clean the tiles, these are easy to come by, as most of your average cleaning kit will work wonders on any marks left on both glass and mosaic tiles.