Yellow Mosaic Tiles

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Yellow Mosaic Tiles

Yellow Coloured Mosaic Bathroom & Kitchen Tile Sheets

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The colour of sunshine and buttercups, yellow is cheerful and energetic and can be used in both bold and subtle ways. Yellow pops against white cabinetry and marble countertops, suits complementary accents of blue and looks beautiful in rustic and farmhouse style kitchens. Our collection of yellow mosaic tiles are great for brightening up spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light and they also pair beautifully with wooden cabinetry, creating a warm and modern glow.

Yellow mosaic tiles in the kitchen

A buttery yellow mosaic tile splashback in a white kitchen will feel light and airy whilst in a black kitchen it will add drama and dimension. In cottage-style kitchens, yellow tile designs blend in effortlessly when combined with bronze or copper hardware and when used with rich, earthy shades in a shaker style kitchen, they'll give you that English farmhouse feel.

Yellow mosaic tiles in the bathroom

Yellow glass tiles used as a striking bathtub splashback or in a shower enclosure will reflect light and bring brightness to a space that lacks large windows. Against white, yellow tiles look playful and cheerful, giving your bathroom a big dose of personality. Softer and lighter shades of yellow in the bathroom will create a soothing ambience that has a spa-like feel whilst pairing yellow with dark grey or black feels dramatic yet cocooning.