Tile Trims

Complete the look of your tiles. For a neat, complete look to any tiling job, you should choose a tile trim. Without a trim, tiling will look unfinished however neat and professional the job was, with rough edges and messy grouting. Tile trims also help to create an attractive transition between decorative tilings, such as glass tiles or mosaic tiles and plain backgrounds, or between different materials and textures. Tile trims can be used anywhere you use tiles, in kitchens for backsplashes, around countertops and in bathrooms around baths and showers. Keep tiled areas safe Not only is a trim useful for making the tiling look neat and finished, but it also adds a safety element, eliminating any sharp or rough edges. Where the unfinished edge of a tile can attract water, affecting the integrity of a tile and making it more prone to cracking, a trimmed tile is protected from all of the elements. A tile trim can be sloped or shaped to create a transition from a raised tile to a flat surface, helping to avoid hazards. Add an extra design element Tile trims come in various different colours and textures. You may want to choose a trim which accents the tiles, creating a more muted, neutral look. Or you could use your tile trim to make the tiles a design feature, contrasting with the tile colours.