Tile Spacers

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When it comes to fixing your mosaic tiles or glass tiles on the wall or the flow, you ideally need to keep a nice consistent gap around the edges, that way you can apply your grout in even and consistent spaces. To achieve this, tile spacers are key. Here at Mosaic Village, we stock a variety of tile spacers in a variety of different thicknesses. There are still some DIY enthusiasts or even professionals who opt not to use tile spacers - often with mixed results. Here are three reasons why tile spacers are a 'must have' when laying all types of tiles, including mosaic panels. A precise, good looking finish - It seems obvious that you'd want your finished tiled wall to look good, but precision means exactly that. The human eye is designed to detect patterns, so asymmetrical or uneven tiles will stand out. It's better to get it right the first time by using tile spacers. Grout spacing and application - Remember that fixed tiles need grout, and this is often where different sized gaps can be a problem. If the grout is uneven, it may even fail. Consistency is key here, and tile spacers enable a seamlessly matched application all the way around your tiles. It's cost-effective - Tile spacers are probably the smallest and most inexpensive tool you can use in order to get a perfect finish. If you're spending a considerable amount of money on beautiful tiles, it's worth buying the spacers to make sure they look their best. Not sure which tile spacers are right for your project, or how many you'll need? Give Mosaic Village a call - we'd be delighted to help.