Kitchen Tiles

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What are kitchen mosaic tiles?

Kitchen mosaic tiles look fantastic running along your worktop as a decorative feature, equally as a backsplash behind your hob. At Mosaic Village, we have many mixes of materials like glass, stone and metal mosaic tiles which will complement the style of your kitchen.

Types of kitchen mosaic tiles

For added depth why not take a look at our glass tiles for your kitchen, with their big bold colours and plain and metallic finishes, they will make a real statement in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can be more subtle by adopting a blend of stone and glass in a contemporary linear design. All look great as kitchen mosaic tiles.

Use our handy filters to find the right colour palette or material of Kitchen mosaic tiles you are looking for. It really could not be easier. Please call us for advice on making the right choice for your kitchen walls.

Whether you’re fitting a completely new kitchen or giving your existing one a bit of a refresh, here at Mosaic Village we stock a wide variety of kitchen tiles, which truly allow you to totally transform any uninspiring room into a space straight from an interior design magazine!

We stock a lot of different tiles in an array of materials such as; glass, ceramic, porcelain and stone meaning they're ideal for creating long-lasting splashbacks in the kitchen.

Mosaic tiles are also a super cost-effective way to update your kitchen – the possibilities to create something unique are truly endless.

Make your small kitchen look bigger by choosing much bigger mosaic tiles in cool monochromatic tones, which reflect light and open up your space. Or if you have a large kitchen why not consider using our smaller kitchen glass tiles in a mixture of warm tones to make it feel cosier.

Why choose tiles for the kitchen?

Tiles aren’t just great for transforming the look and feel of your kitchen – they’re also extremely practical too.

Low maintenance: the kitchen can be a messy place – from spilt drinks to muddy paws so it’s not surprising most people opt for tiles. Tiles are amazingly easy to wipe clean with a cloth and, since the kitchen is a space where you prepare and cook your meals, cleanliness should always be the top priority!

Water-resistant: as well as being incredibly easy to clean, tiles are also highly water-resistant due to the hard materials they’re made from, which is why they’re such a popular choice for both kitchens and bathrooms alike.

Durable: if being low maintenance and water-resistant wasn’t enough, tiles are also unbelievably durable. Unlike wood or lino floorings which wear down over time, tiles retain their features due to their hard-wearing nature, meaning your tiles will look fresh for years after they’ve been installed!

Our kitchen tiles come in all shapes and sizes - we stock everything from contemporary and cool brick tiles to patterned stone floor tiles which allow you to create eye-catching patterns. Here at Mosaic Village we have something to suit every style. We stock a range of accessories too, allowing you to get the job done to the highest standards!