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Exceptionally slender but huge on style points, kit-kat kitchen tiles make an extraordinary impact. Also known as finger mosaic tiles, they’ll create a visual masterpiece on any wall. Perfect for splashbacks and feature walls, their slim design is both sleek and elegant. They also have the added benefit of being able to be laid either horizontally or vertically for two different styles.

Tiling in the kitchen is a great choice, not only offering an easy to clean surface but also being hygienic and durable in high volume areas where grease and grime often appears.

The long and slender style of kit-kat kitchen tiles will make the more intimate spaces of your room stand out and will create visual works of art in larger spaces. This style of tile is loved by interior designers for its graceful profile and appealing aesthetic and with the Mosaic Village selection of kit-kat tiles, this is a look that’s easy to achieve in your own home.