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A versatile hue for creating elegant mosaic designs, our collection of pink kitchen wall tiles gives you the freedom to create anything from a soothing design to a glamorous space using soft or brighter shades. Dusky pinks will complement darker and wood kitchens whilst a more intense hue will really pop in a lighter kitchen. The Mosaic Village selection of tiles is ideal for kitchen use, providing you with unique designs that are durable, cost-effective and easy to clean in such a high traffic area. Pink kitchen tiles look simply stunning when accented with everything from white marble tabletops to black kitchen cabinets and warm metallic appliances. Pink can bring a calming yet striking balance to the kitchen, creating a warm and modern space. A hint of pink in a mosaic design will look beautiful in a farmhouse kitchen or one with muted grey tones. Our pink kitchen tiles will bring a touch of rosiness into the kitchen whether you want understated elegance or a bright feature wall.