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For a farmhouse, rustic look, green is the colour normally associated with the kitchen. Green kitchen wall tiles are the perfect fit; versatile and decorative, mosaic tiles will help to make your kitchen look brighter. To complement a wider theme, green also goes well with neutral tones like white, beige and grey.

Check out the exciting selection of kitchen tiles which provide a warm feeling to any kitchen. Being heat-resistant and easy to clean, they will add the "wow" factor you've been looking for. An oven and hob will stand out even more when complemented by mosaic tiles splashbacks that are also available in a variety of shades, shapes and sizes.

Even in the smallest kitchen, green tiles can make your space look larger. They reflect the light and have a shiny surface that goes well with any existing colour decor. When it comes to mosaic kitchen tiles, go for green for a neutral and calming environment.

For kitchen walls, green tiles are undoubtedly the way to go, and at Mosaic Village, we have a variety of materials for you to choose from. This will help to accentuate the green hue in whatever way you desire and prepare the room for the dishes you’ll be making.

Our ceramic wall tiles are cost-effective, easy to clean in case of any kitchen spillages, and long-lasting, which is exactly what you need in a kitchen tile. Marble tiles are polished and elegant and cost a bit more money, but they are still excellent value while being durable enough to last. Glass tiles in green look even more elegant than their clear counterparts, on top of being fully recyclable and highly resistant to stains. There is also the question of shape – there is nothing wrong with green square tiles, of course, but we also offer rectangular tiles, including long and slender ‘kit-kat’ tiles and the homely ‘brickbond’ option. Finally, eye-catching hexagonal tiles can give the kitchen a more modern look.

No matter what material you end up going with, and no matter the specific shape or shade you choose, our assortment of green mosaic tiles are a perfect fit for the walls of your kitchen.