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Price incls vat

Transform your home with the rustic beauty of brown and gold kitchen tiles. At Mosaic Village, our superb collection of designs will help you create a countryside cottage, farmhouse style or even industrial style kitchen with the use of patterns and shapes that will complement your cabinetry and appliances.

Using brown and gold kitchen wall tiles adds both depth and warmth to the space. Rustic style and wood effect tiles are a popular choice for creating a look that is charming but also contemporary and their neutral shades work in many different coloured kitchens. Paired with copper appliances and wood or stone countertops, the look becomes both inviting and intimate.

Tiling works really well in the kitchen, whether used as splashbacks behind hobs and sinks, as a feature wall or as an accent underneath upper cabinets. Being hard-wearing, easy to clean and low maintenance, kitchen tiles are a fantastic choice in such a high traffic area where grease and grime easily build-up.

Tired of the same old grey and white colour palette and want to inject some warmth into your home? At Mosaic Village, we offer a range of brown and gold kitchen tiles which are perfect for achieving a more natural finish.

The perfect compliment to country-style, industrial and farmhouse kitchens, you can create a number of different patterns and shapes for a high-quality design. Easily matched with shades of dark green or neutrals such as beige, our line of brown and gold tiles will pair wonderfully with copper appliances and stone or wood countertops.

However, we realise that style is not everything. Our tiles do not compromise on practicality in this respect. They are made from high-quality materials and are easy to keep clean. This means they work well as splashbacks behind countertops and stoves where grease is common. All they need is a quick wipe down and they'll look as good as the first day they were installed.

At Mosaic Village, we have a wide range of brown and gold tiles which are perfect for any kitchen. Shop our range today!