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Browse our extensive range of square bathroom tiles to find the tiling that's right for you and your tiling project. Brighten up your bathroom with a colourful tile scheme; create a stylish, sophisticated look with monochrome tiling; or just keep your bathroom waterproof and comfortably warm with sensible tiling that will improve your bathroom's functionality, longevity, and value.

Because square tiles offer the same dimensions however they're placed, they're a great way to ensure easy fitting and a pleasing aesthetic - they're also easier to replace in the case of unexpected cracks or damage. Whether you're fitting these square bathroom tiles yourself or hiring someone to do the job, square tiles allow for exact measurements and snug, water-resistant fittings - exactly what you want from the tiling in your bathroom. Tiling also helps keep bathrooms clean with little maintenance, since they can be simply wiped down with no fuss. For these reasons and more, square bathroom tiles may be exactly what you're looking for.