Our range of rectangular bathroom wall tiles can unveil new realms within your kitchen or bathroom. For an ethereal look, try Quasar Blue. These tiles have a deep and shimmering feel to them that brings to mind images from the Hubble Space Telescope. For something that straddles both past and future, try Nebular Brown. These tiles will blend well with more traditional furnishings and appliances.

If you’re looking to capture a more nautical theme, our glass Driftwood tiles showcase the hardy elegance of an ocean-going trawler vessel. The Driftwood Painted tiles have a flaking paint detailing that suggests wear, tear, and feats of rugged endurance. Despite hints of weathering, these tiles somehow appear clear and pristine.

If sheer fun is your angle, try out the glitter range. They come in a heady array of colours: from the sunset hues of orange and pink, through to a maritime blue and an earthy brown.