The Best Marble Bathroom Tiles

Marble bathroom wall tiles are a stylish, luxurious and elegant choice for your home design project, with many affordable options available to suit your personal tastes. Great for both traditional and modern looks, marble tiles are a versatile choice that will look great for years to come and are available in a range of finishes, from subtle veins to more dramatic effects.

Whether you're completely refitting your bathroom or simply looking to upgrade the tiles for a more sophisticated look, you can't go wrong with marble aesthetics for one of the most important rooms in your home. Marble is a hard-wearing material meaning these tiles are durable, in addition to being easy to maintain and always on-trend. What are you waiting for?

Browse our high-quality range of marble tiles for bathroom walls and floors and ensure your redesign looks incredible. For more information on our tiles, don't hesitate to get in touch.

When it comes to interior bathroom design, marble is proving to be very popular. From solid bathroom accessories like countertops and bathtubs, to tiles, marble has a timeless appeal. Marble tiles can be coordinated with almost any bathroom design. They tend to look best next to earthy tones, polished wood and gold accessories. There are many reasons why marble tiles would make a highlight in your bathroom.

Beauty - marble always looks absolutely beautiful. The stone's natural formation provides a touch of visual elegance which is hard to compete with.

Light Properties - perfect for bathrooms, marble tiles are also translucent. When light touches the surfaces it penetrates the colours, giving off a relaxing glow.

Classic - the use of marble in the home can be traced back to ancient Rome and Greece. Whatever size bathroom, marble tiles offer that classic look and feel.

Long-lasting - marble is long-lasting as well as strong enough to resist most chips and dents. Tiles can be adapted to suit your individual bathroom design and decor.

Universal Appeal - marble tiles have universal appeal especially when fitted in the bathroom. If you decide to move on, your bathroom may well provide the "wow" factor potential buyers are looking for.