Cream Bathroom Tiles

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Cream tiles are a simple yet effective way of brightening up your bathroom. Being warmer than white, cream helps to create the impression of space and bring light into the room at the same time as making it feel cosy and inviting.

This natural, calming tone is perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere on its own, but it can also be used as a neutral backdrop for a variety of accent colours. Pair it with cool grey and dark granite for a chic, minimalist look, or for a more natural feel, use beige and coffee-coloured tones. If you want to make your tiles really stand out, get creative with your grouting – using dark-coloured grouting will create a dramatic effect and frame your tiles beautifully.

Versatile and timeless, cream bathroom wall tiles allow you to decorate in your own unique style while naturally bringing an overriding sense of tranquillity to the room.

A warm neutral that ranges from off-white to vanilla and light coffee to almost taupe, cream is a versatile colour for the bathroom. Perfect for those who want to keep things light without using stark white, cream hues can be used to create a cosy and intimate feel or a luxurious and elegant look. Our cream bathroom tiles add depth to your bathroom whilst keeping it classic and soft.

A colour that stands the test of time, cream bathroom tiles pair equally well with white and darker wood tones as they do with playful candy colours and soft pastels. Our bathroom tiles include everything from shimmering metallics to textured effects and light-reflecting glass to the iridescent beauty of modern mosaic designs. For a plush sanctuary, cream bathroom tiles evoke warmth and serenity whilst in smaller bathrooms, they’ll give you a light and airy look that never feels cold or sterile. Tile floor to ceiling with our cream bathroom tiles and create a seamless and fluid aesthetic or choose to tile shower enclosures and behind bathtubs to add dimension to designated zoning areas.

Our high-quality cream bathroom tiles are durable, stain-resistant and ideal for wet environments. Perfect for country house style or a spa-like experience, our dreamy cream tiles guarantee a relaxing and calming environment.